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Purple Leads is always looking for skilled individuals
who can bring a fresh perspective, hard working attitude
and knack for success to the team.

The company routinely welcomes and meets with people from all walks of life who want to partner with one of the world’s premier lead generation companies.

Our team members hale from several countries, continents and backgrounds, giving us an edge in serving a variety of clients.

Who Works for Purple Leads?

If you’re
creative, innovative, ambitious,
determined, focused and intuitive,

then you’re our kind of person.

We work with
skilled coders, sales professionals,
media experts,developers and others

who want to be a part of global team.

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PurpleLeads is an international performance marketing company that uses advertising to collect digital inventory. Purple Leads advertises heavily on Facebook, Twitter and Google. The main sectors we generate leads for are solar energy supply, banking, law firms and lenders.

We are opening a new Branch on Rothschild Blvd. Tel Aviv and looking for an Art Director who will join the pioneer team of our new branch.

We're looking for someone to create the artistic vision for our advertising efforts. We are looking for a visual storyteller who is familiar with the advertising world, has experience on understanding how humans think, act and behave in Advertising perspective. Graphic design experience is a must, and a passion for working on Advertising and Social Media.

This is advertising that is conversion based so we are looking for the ability to use design to make people take actions as opposed to “branding” style digital marketing.

  • Work with media team and copy writers to establish visions or angles to approach our target demographics
  • Be responsible to do competitor research to better understand what’s working and not working for others in our niches
  • Be able to take this information and create and end to end story from the first click to the last click of the mouse.
  • Create images and website designs that drive people to take action.
  • After image testing results are complete, isolate the areas of the marketing that worked and grow them or find new approaches for our target audiences.
  • At least 2 years of experience as an Art Director in an advertising firm
  • Graphic design experience
  • Experience in advertising on Facebook, Google, or visually based advertising platforms
  • English proficiency

Full time Assistant to Do Complete End to End Handling Of 3 Busy Executives Personal Lives. We are looking to outsource all our normal day to day activities so we can focus all our attention on our work. You will work directly with CEO's as well as Office Administrator  The candidate we hire will get to have lots of freedom as well as responsibilities.  This is a full time job, but the hours are flexible.  Some of the work will be from the office and some from home. We're looking for a dedicated, enthusiastic individual who enjoys working in an international, energetic and fast-paced entrepreneurial environment. Location Tel Aviv.

Job description:
  • Travel planning, tickets arranging, & packing
  • Scheduling personal meetings.
  • Handling of all personal shopping, dry cleaning deliveries etc
  • Keeping track of birthdays and special events. 
  • All off site meetings with contractors, cleaning people, landlord etc
  • Positive attitude and good work ethic most important. 

Required Skills:
  • Looking for a Neat Freak that is uncomfortable with anything not tidy. 
  • Must be computer savvy. 
  • Need to extremely responsive to texts, emails or Skype messages when working. 
  • Self sufficient problem solver / creative solution thinker.
  • Must have high English proficiency as well as Hebrew. Russian / German is a plus
  • Mobility a PLUS.

CV's will be received in English only-

Were you the EXCEL person at a binary company and now you NEED A JOB?
Do you have pivot tables in your dreams?
Do you passionately ENJOY building reports and analyzing data?

We are looking for a full time business intelligence analyst
We are looking for the best and will PAY VERY WELL FOR EXCELLENCE

We need someone to design reports to be produced routinely as well as constant ad hoc reports needed throughout the day by different departments. Must learn the function of the reports and data collected to be able offer insights, or Understand best format to present it in.

Required Skills:
  • Excellence at excel – Minimum 5 years experience
  • Fluent English. HEBREW NOT NECESSARY, Russian or German a plus
  • Experience with Tabloo, Quickbooks, Cake, Hasoffers, or accounting background is a big plus

Experience with Tabloo, Quickbooks, Cake, Hasoffers, or accounting background is a big plus

CV's will be received in English only-

Are you one of the best campaign managers in Israel?

Want to get paid like it?
Do you want to make up to 20k Shekels a month?
Have you managed over 150k a month budgets on Facebook, Google or Natives?

Purple Leads is growing its internal team (again) and we are looking to hire only the best campaign managers in Israel

We are focus on lead generation and ecommerce and are offering base and commissions as well as monthly performance goals – (This month is spa hotel reservations for the whole team and their significant other

If you are interested contact us now (There are only 2 spots left)

Required Skills:
  • You must speak English. You don’t need to speak Hebrew. Russian is a big plus
  • You must have been a campaign manager on high volume campaigns for over 2 years
  • If you know Facebook you need to know easily about pixels, conversion goals, LAL data and can use power editor in your sleep.
  • If you have run natives – You need to understand white / blacklisting, RON / Discovery campaigns and CTR / CVR
  • If you have run google you need to understand keyword research, bidding strategies for display and remarketing funnels

We will ask for these items explained as well as how you have used them or theories behind them

MUST be able to work in Tel Aviv
Send your CV to

CV's will be received in English only-